P14.Pla Salmon Nueng Sea-iew

​P10. Kao Neaw

P5. Gung Prik Thai Dam

Prawns or Chicken soup with cream and mushrooms, our most popular dish flavoured with lemon grass, galangal, line leaves and a final squeeze of fresh lemon and coriander before serving.

Chicken option £5.90

Prawn option £7.10

Tel: 01273 473 906

Salmon steamed with light soy sauce, ginger and spring onions. £14.00

19-20 Station Street

P4. Larb

King prawn stir fried with garlic, diced ginger and black peppers. £8.20

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Steamed rice cooked in coconut milk. £3.10

Sea bass fried until golden, then mixed with Thai herbs and tamarind. £15.90

Food Allergy Notice

​Sticky Rice. £3.50

​P9. Chu Chi Gung

P12. Panang Gae

P13. Chu Chi Pla Salmon

P11. Koa Kra-ti

Pailin Chef Special

P6. Pla Nueng Sea-iew

If you have a food allergy or a special dietary requirement, please inform a member of the hospitality team, please let us know if you are allergic to a particular ingredient 

​Salmon fried until golden, cooked in coconut milk and curry paste, lime leaves and sweet basil. £14.00

P16. Kai Tod Sa Moon Prai

P1. Tom Yam Nam Kon

East Sussex


​Salmon fried until golden then topped with our special sweet and sour chilli sauce. £14.00

P3. Nam Tok Nue

Lamb cooked in coconut milk, curry paste, kaffir and lime leaves. £8.90


Steamed king prawns with soy sauce, ginger and spring onions. £12.90

Chicken marinated with Thai herb then fried until golden, topped with cashew nut, crispy garlic, shallot and sesame seed. £7.50

King prawns cooked with coconut. red curry paste and lime leaves. £8.90

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Grilled beef medium cooked, then sliced and mixed with chopped shallot, spring onions, coriander. A truly authentic dish. £7.50

Pailin Thai Restaurant


P15. Pla Salmon Lad Prik

​P7. Pla Sa Moon Prai

P8. Gung Nueng Sea-iew

Steamed sea bass with soy sauce, ginger and spring onions. £14.90

Minced beef or pork or chicken cooked with chopped shallot, spring onions, coriander. A truly authentic Thai dish.

Beef option £7.50

Chicken option £6.90

Pork option £6.90